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Keevy, James; Rajab, Rooksana; Arnesen, John; Ngeleza, Bangani ...
Reclaiming self-sovereignty for all South African citizens’ data by 2030 This paper consists of eight vignettes, followed by a concluding section. Ea...
Haim, Pablo Alejandro; Bersalli, German; Nores Pondal, Federico
El crecimiento del mercado solar térmico tanto a nivel mundial como en la Argentina, ha generado el aumento de importaciones y producción local de di...
Varone, Alberto; Cremonese, Lorenzo
Synthetic fuels obtained from the recycling of waste and biological products using renewable energy (i.e., Power-to-X technologies) can be easily int...
Chan, Edward; Leitao, Joana; Kerschbaumer, Andreas; Butler, Tim M.
This paper outlines the development and operation of Yeti, a bottom-up traffic emission inventory framework written in the Python 3 scripting languag...