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Ramachandran, Srikanthan; Rupakheti, Maheswar
This study reports comprehensive analysis of seasonal and inter-annual variations of aerosol properties (optical, physical and chemical) and radiativ...
Martin, Nick; Madrid-López, Cristina; Talens-Peiró, Laura; Süsser, Diana ...
In line with its commitments to lower carbon emissions under the Paris Agreement and its own 2030 Climate & Energy Framework, the European Union (EU)...
Götting, Katharina; Becker, Sophia
Die Covid-19 Pandemie hat das Mobilitätsverhalten eindeutig beeinflusst. Während der ÖPNV mit einem starken Rückgang der Fahrgäste zu kämpfen hat, ge...
Schöniger, Franziska; Resch, Gustav; Kleinschmitt, Christoph; Franke, Katja ...
Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) offers flexible and decarbonised power generation and is - as a solar power-based balancing opportunity – able to con...