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On this platform the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) collects publications.

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Christiansen, Sabine; Ginzky, Harald; Singh, Pradeep; Thiele, Torsten
Current efforts at the International Seabed Authority to develop regulations pertaining to the exploitation of deep seabed minerals would benefit fro...
Herberg, Jeremias
This study provides a critical appraisal of intermediaries in demand-driven workforce development. In San Francisco East Bay, an emerging set of work...
Thiele, Torsten
High seas and deep sea governance is progressing through the UN BBNJ process. At the same time the International Seabed Authority is developing a Min...
Markus, Till; Vivekānanda, Bhikkhu; Lawrence, Mark G.
This article expounds a Buddhist perspective on the rapidly emerging topic of Climate Engineering, i.e. the deliberate, large-scale manipulation of t...

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