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On this platform the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) collects publications.

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Zhang, Qianggong; Kang, Shichang; Ji, Zhenming; Li, Yang ...
Known as "the Third Pole" (TP), the Tibetan Plateau and surrounding mountains hold the largest aggregate of glaciers outside the pole regions. Recent...
Shakya, Kabindra M.; Rupakheti, Maheswar; Peltier, Richard
Kathmandu valley located in the foothills of Himalaya in Nepal suffers from serious air pollution problems. Near-roadway PM2.5 and BC were measured a...
Sadavarte, Pankaj; Das, Bhupendra; Rupakheti, Maheswar; Byanju, Rejina ...
A comprehensive regional assessment of emission sources is a major hindrance for a complete understanding of the air quality and for designing approp...
Rupakheti, D.; Kang, S.; Cong, Z.; Rupakheti, Maheswar ...
Atmospheric aerosol possesses impacts on climate system and ecological environments, human health and agricultural productivity. The environment over...

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